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Cellulite can leave you scrambling to cover up your skin, especially during swimsuit season. But with breakthrough technology with PelleFirm®, you can get rid of unsightly cellulite right in the office at BellaDerma. The aesthetic specialists at this Shawnee, Oklahoma, based aesthetic clinic can help smooth your skin, without the need for surgery. To find out if PelleFirm cellulite treatments are right for you, schedule an evaluation online. You can also call the aesthetic clinic directly to book.

Cellulite Q & A

Why do I have cellulite?

If you have dimpled or lumpy skin, especially on your buttocks or thighs, you have cellulite. While women are more likely to develop cellulite than men, it can certainly affect anyone during their teen or adult years. Cellulite can be caused by:

  • A family history of cellulite
  • Weight gain or weight fluctuations
  • Inactive lifestyle

It isn’t well understood exactly why some men and women are just more prone to developing cellulite than others, though. In any case, one thing’s for certain: You just want to get rid of it.

Can I minimize the appearance of cellulite?

Yes! At BellaDerma, the team of aesthetic specialists can help you get the smoother, firmer skin you want with PelleFirm treatments. PelleFirm utilizes noninvasive radio frequency (RF) energy and massaging handpieces that heat up tissues.

The combination of heat and massage improve fluid movement and retention in your skin, forcing your lymphatic system to flush away the excess fluid buildup. Within the following few days, you’re going to notice that your skin is smoother and firmer, and the appearance of cellulite is dramatically reduced.

What makes the PelleFirm system stand apart from similar aesthetic systems is that while treatments help minimize the appearance of cellulite, they go a step further. As PelleFirm gently heats your skin tissues, it stimulates collagen production, further enhancing smoother skin you want.

How many PelleFirm treatments do I need?

It depends on the severity of your cellulite and how well you respond to the PelleFirm aesthetic system. Most men and women experience optimal cellulite reduction by getting PelleFirm treatments up to four times per month for the first month, then twice the following month.

Your cellulite-reduction treatment plan at BellaDerma is tailored to your specific needs, so you could need fewer or additional visits. Once you start noticing a visible reduction in cellulite, it’s best to schedule touch-up visits at BellaDerma once every six months, or as needed.

Get rid of unsightly cellulite and tighten your skin with the help of the aesthetic specialists at BellaDerma. Book your cellulite consultation online or over the phone.

*Individual results may vary.