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Broken blood vessels on your face can lead to severe discoloration and make you feel uncomfortable about the appearance of your skin. If you have facial veins, see how the team at BellaDerma in Shawnee, Oklahoma, can help. The team of aesthetic specialists offers comprehensive facial vein solutions, so you can get more even-toned skin. To see how non-invasive facial vein treatments can help you, book an evaluation online. You can also call the aesthetic clinic directly to schedule.

Facial Veins Q & A

What causes facial veins?

While you can develop broken blood vessels anywhere on your body — like varicose veins in your lower legs — facial veins are among the most dreaded. After all, hiding your face or covering up facial veins isn’t easy. You may develop facial veins due to:

  • A family history of facial veins
  • Sun exposure or sun damage
  • Drastic changes in weather
  • Chronic skin inflammation caused by rosacea

Hormonal changes can cause facial veins, too. This is why women commonly develop vein issues during pregnancy.

How are facial veins treated?

At BellaDerma, you can get personalized facial vein treatments using cutting-edge laser technology with Cynosure® Icon® or Pellevé® aesthetic systems. These systems each work a little differently but produce similar results.

Icon utilizes intense pulsed light (IPL), while Pellevé utilizes radio frequency (RF) energy. IPL and RF gently heat up and damage the walls of veins, so blood has to recirculate to nearby, healthier veins. Over time, the damaged veins fade away.

During your facial vein evaluation at BellaDerma, your aesthetic specialist helps you decide which treatment is likely going to be best for you. It just depends on the depth of your facial veins and the specific treatment area on your face. IPL and RF each penetrate to different depths.

How many facial vein treatments do I need?

While the team at BellaDerma is confident you’re going to love your even-toned skin after a single treatment, usually a package of Icon or Pellevé sessions is best. You could need anywhere from 3-5 sessions, each spaced about a month apart.

Even though facial veins shouldn’t come back, if you have a chronic skin condition, like rosacea, you could develop new facial veins at some point. Because noninvasive laser facial vein treatments are safe, if you ever have new problem veins surface in the future, you can always schedule a touch-up session at BellaDerma to get treated again.

To find out if facial vein treatments at BellaDerma are right for you, schedule a consultation. Click on the online scheduler to book or call the aesthetic clinic to speak with a team member.

*Individual results may vary.