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PelleFirm® is a revolutionary laser body treatment system that’s beneficial for improving the appearance of your skin, without surgery or discomfort. The aesthetic team at BellaDerma offer personalized PelleFirm packages to men and women throughout Shawnee, Oklahoma. If you’re ready to tone and tighten your skin, and get rid of cellulite, schedule a PelleFirm consultation. Book your visit online or over the phone.

Pellevé and PelleFirm Q & A

What is PelleFirm?

PelleFirm is a noninvasive aesthetic system that utilizes radio frequency (RF) energy to improve your skin’s appearance. Treatments involve using RF in combination with specialized massage heads to facilitate fluid movement in your skin. This forces your body to flush out excess fluid buildup, leaving smoother skin behind.

PelleFirm goes a step further and gently heats up your skin tissue. This stimulates collagen and elastin production to further tighten and firm up your skin.

What can PelleFirm treat?

PelleFirm is most commonly known for reducing cellulite and enhancing the appearance of skin on your:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms

Not only does PelleFirm smooth out the lumps and bumps cellulite causes, but it can also tighten loose crepey skin and help minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

The aesthetic specialists at BellaDerma often pair PelleFirm treatments with Pellevé® for optimal results. Pellevé also utilizes radio frequency energy, but it’s specifically designed for reducing wrinkles on your face, and gently lifting your eyebrows and forehead.

Is PelleFirm painful?

Not at all. In fact, most men and women who go through PelleFirm treatments explain that it feels like a hot stone massage. Because you have no downtime after PelleFirm and sessions can actually be relaxing, you can return right back to your regular activities afterward.

It’s possible to have some redness in the treatment area after PelleFirm, though. While you shouldn’t be in pain, it can take a few hours for this redness to subside. It’s just a side effect of the temperature of your skin going up and blood flow increasing to the targeted area.

How many PelleFirm sessions do I need?

It’s going to depend on the severity of your skin issue and how quickly you respond to treatments. Usually, you need PelleFirm sessions up to once a week for the first month, followed by biweekly sessions the following month.

After that point, or once you achieve your optimal results, the aesthetic team at BellaDerma can schedule you for routine touch-up visits once every six months, or as needed. By staying on top of your routine PelleFirm treatments, you can expect your results to be long-lasting and even prevent future cellulite and skin laxity issues.

Schedule your PelleFirm consultation at BellaDerma today. You can either request an appointment online or call the aesthetic clinic to speak with a team member.

*Individual results may vary.